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A Day in the Classroom at Early Childhood

The days are started with religious instruction. God’s love and the importance of being kind is shared. Religious instruction is done through the use of Bible Stories, rhymes, memory verses, songs and drama.

These activities take place as whole class events on mats. The children are allowed to share their experiences of things that have happened. The other daily activities have been designed to guide, stimulate and motivate each child in their development.

Students are given the freedom of choosing their desired developmental materials during center time. The students usually have the opportunity of playing with others while exploring the various materials. The teacher then observes the students at play.


Their social skills are also looked at. For example:

  • How well do they play together?

  • Do they work well together?

  • Are they being helpful?

  • Are they being kind?


The teacher, also has the opportunity of doing one on one instruction, where the teacher guides, motivates, and stimulates each child.

It is an honour to be an instrumental part of your child’s development of the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being.

Center Time

Snack Time

A healthy snack should be prepared. It should include:

  • fruits

  • juice

  • a sandwich

  • and a bottle of water.

  • Be mindful of placing too much food in the lunch kits. This discourages your child from eating.

  • Candies, chips, and sweet biscuits are not allowed.

  • Do not send your child to school with drinks in glass bottles.

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